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The Journey 

A journey started with passion and curiosity about the daily issues that holistically affect women. We have been testing women's programs since 2010 in Nigeria, South Africa, and eventually Zambia; this has enabled us to develop a local product relevant to women every day, regardless of the country/ region. The Woman's platform is universal but localised to a specific country/region based on experience, feedback, and lessons learnt.

Some past and current  work in this area includes;


  • NamaWedding.Com in partnership with multichoice- women's mentor and judge, Lagos Nigeria (2010)

  • Women's Platforms in Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia (2011,12,13)

  • Country Director for Anakazi Business Network (2013-2015), a business network that is rethinking, encouraging, and facilitating women's growth, performance, and integrity and how they have done business on the African continent. Steered the establishment and Official launch of the Zambia Chapter.

  • ZANACO Women's Mentorship Program Orientation and Kick-off (2015)

  • Lafarge Women's Day Workshop (2015)

  • South African High Commission Women's Platforms: Work-Life Balance (2016)

  • Black Dot Women's Day Workshop (2017)

  • Nyamuka Zambia National Business Conference: Women's Round Table Discussion Themed' Conversations on Winning in Business and Life (2016)

  • Law Association of Zambia Mentorship Circles; Teamed Peer-to-Peer Relationships (2019)

  • Stanbic Zambia – Female Leaders Emerge Program (2021)

  • Stanbic Zambia – Female Leaders Emerge Program (2022)

  • Wold Vision Zambia -  Inaugural Women's Leadership Summit (2022)

  • Vivo Energy Zambia - Women's Day Workshop (2024) 

  • Ongoing One-on-One Emerging Leaders  Coaching for women (to date)

  • Ongoing One on One Wholistic Coaching for Women (to date)

  • Ongoing One-on-One and Group Mentor Coaching for Women (to date)

Let’s Work Together

Bonanza Estate 

Ngwerere, Lusaka , Zambia.

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