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Stressed Woman

Do the Work, Trust the Process and Live Life!


'The Wholistic Woman' is a Platform that

helps women embark on a holistic journey of  Self-Awreness, Self-Mnangment, Self Mastery and Self Love by connecting the dots of their timeline on this Journey called Life! 


It's not always easy being a woman; you're a child, sister, friend, mum, wife, partner, cousin, aunt, grandmother, in-law/outlaw, career woman (formal and informal), entrepreneur, a parent; moreover, the list is endless. A woman is expected to play various roles, sometimes to her detriment, successfully. With the many dreams and aspirations that we hold dear, how can we wear the many hats without losing 'our authentic true selves?

The Holistic Woman is a platform that advocates for a synergistic approach to living Life. Life is about balance, knowing what is important to you and making everyday choices. The platform is a safe space that uses psychology, coaching, and training for all its learning and self-development interventions.


'The Holistic Woman' platform provides an 'Experience' of a powerful personal journey to becoming the best version of oneself through Self-Awareness, Self-Mastery, Self-Leadership, and self-actualisation in the different areas of one's Life.

The Wholistic platform sessions are practical and engaging and can be a half or full day or a series of days, depending on the topic and structure.


Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Life By Design – My Next Steps!

  • Identity, Passion, and Purpose – An inward journey to discover 

      your authentic self

  • A Journey into the unconscious mind – Belief System and Values

  • What Happened to You? Life Mapping and Connecting the Dots 

  • Unplugged Weekend Retreat

  • The Annual Wholistic Woman-Themed Conference 

Feel free to sign up for any upcoming seminars or get in touch so we can work together in designing a workshop/retreat/programme that will suit you and your group. 

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