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Through Trials: A Personal Tale of Resilience, Growth, and Breaking Free

Chawanzi Deborah Sakala
Communications Specialist

Through Trials: A Personal Tale of Resilience, Growth, and Breaking Free

Today, I'm eager to share a more intimate aspect of my journey—a narrative woven with resilient, growth, and profound gratitude threads. This story encompasses the challenges of early motherhood, unexpected losses, and the invaluable support of Coach Mary, unveiling the transformative power of compassion and community.

My journey began at 19 when I embraced motherhood, welcoming a beautiful daughter turning 13 this April. Amid the joys of parenting, the 15-year incarceration of my father thrust me into the realm of being a double orphan, compounded by the absence of my biological mother, who succumbed to severe depression when I was only three. Eviction from my aunt's home marked the starting point of my quest for stability. Fate intervened when I found employment at Freshview Cinemas, News Cafe, and later, the Royal Dill restaurant, where I worked diligently as a waitress. At the Royal Dill, I encountered my destiny helpers—my adopted parents. Their generosity extended beyond financial aid; they became mentors, guides, and emotional anchors during a tumultuous journey.

Living the life of a double orphan brought trials, yet each challenge became an opportunity for growth. These demanding experiences moulded my resilience and determination. With a newfound purpose, I navigated life's uncertainties, and the support from Coach Mary became a pivotal aspect of my journey. In the face of my sexual assaults, compounded by my daughter's victimisation, I reached a breaking point. This led me to step away from night jobs, recognising the urgent need to make something of myself to protect her. Blaming myself for everything and feeling like I had profoundly failed her, I found guidance from my destiny helpers, who directed me to my first corporate job at Talent House. Starting as a receptionist, I eventually became the Executive Personal Assistant to the Managing Director. In Talent House's corporate space, I was groomed, and someone finally took a chance on me despite having nothing tangible to offer. Eager and willing to learn, I embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly.

However, my path to triumph was not without its darkest moments. I found myself in a marriage that led to overwhelming anxiety and depression, pushing me to the brink of contemplating suicide. The belief that this was the only way to escape consumed me. Yet, in an act of courage, I left that toxic environment and never looked back. It's crucial to emphasise that leaving did not equate to a painless departure or a lack of care. People may assume that because I left, the hurt lessened or that I didn't care, but they have no idea of the immense strength it took for me to crawl out of that dark place.

I share my story not to seek pity or sympathy but as a testament to my strength—a shield and encouragement for others who might relate to my journey or face an entirely different struggle.
The resources, guidance, and opportunities provided by Coach Mary played a pivotal role in breaking free from the cycle of hardship. Armed with determination, I pursued education, earning a Double Major in Mass Communication and Public Relations. My journey continued with a role as a front desk receptionist at AB Bank, evolving into a key account manager. Today, I take pride in serving as the media sales executive at Alliance Media Zambia.

The kindness of Coach Mary and Dad who are my adopted parents proved transformative. From a waitress to a Media Sales Executive, my trajectory was shaped by compassion and the opportunities presented. Challenges, once seen as insurmountable, became stepping stones toward personal growth and self-discovery. In conclusion, I express profound gratitude to Coach Mary (Mum) for being integral to my journey. Your commitment to making a difference in the lives of those facing adversity is commendable. This personal testament serves as an acknowledgement and a reminder that, with support and opportunities, individuals can overcome even the most formidable challenges.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope, compassion, and support.
Baby Girl Wanzi!

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