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The Best Version of Your True Self!

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Meet Mary

Mary Kazilimani-  an  Itergartive Wholistic Life Coach. Psychologist. Facilitator. Speaker. Serial Entrepreneur.


I am passionate about helping people become the best version of their authentic selves on this beautiful journey called LIFE!

"Connecting The Dots"

"I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can't be considered successful in your business if your home life is in shambles".

 ~Zig Ziglar


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  • 30 min
  • An intensive 120 minute session.
    2 hr
    2,000 Zambian kwachas
  • Available Psychometrics include Clarity4D and the DISC Genera Intelli...
    2 hr
    1,500 Zambian kwachas
  • The Next Version of Me
    3,000 Zambian kwachas
  • "Safe Spaces"
    3,000 Zambian kwachas
  • Inner Child Healing
    2,000 Zambian kwachas
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“A few years ago, I was given a book to read by Mary Kazilimani. This book and several coaching seminars I attended became my stepping stone to looking at life differently and giving me the confidence to do the number of things I have achieved. The impact on my life has been amazing.”

Anonymous - Life Design Master Class 

"My life remains forever changed,  and I am forever grateful that our paths crossed at a God-appointed time. I feel more confident and have a clear vision of what I want for my life."

Anonymous - MentorCoaching 

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