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Coach Mary 

I am passionate about helping people become their best selves through training, coaching, and psychology. I also advocate for a "Holistic" approach to self-development. I believe success is balancing smaller success stories and fulfilment in the different areas of one's life besides work.


My work is inspired by my curiosity and passion for understanding the many issues affecting human behaviour from childhood to adolescence and later adulthood.

My exceptional interpersonal skills enable me to bring out the best in people while inspiring them to make necessary holistic changes, making them more efficient and effective in their personal and work lives. My core values include ubuntu, creativity, flexibility, confidentiality, professionalism and reflective learning.

Do The Work, Trust The Process and Live Life! 

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Coach Mary Kazilimani

Holistic Life Coach, Psychologist, Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur.

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