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Emerging Leaders Coaching and Leadership Coaching

Mangiza Phiri - Regional Director, Engie Energy Access , Lagos.

Emerging Leaders Coaching and Leadership Coaching

My first encounter with professional coaching was with Coach Mary in 2015/16 when I worked with Lafarge Zambia Plc as Strategy and Business Development Manager. Since that encounter, I have had two other formal coaching programs with her, helping me navigate some significant transitions that I have had in my career. She has made me a believer in coaching. Each time I have a big transition in my professional career, I use coaching to help me accelerate my settling down process.

Her emphasis on looking at your life as a “whole” and not merely focusing on your career is one thing that I have greatly appreciated and has made a significant difference in my life. It has helped me always seek balance, or at least be aware of the imbalance and make a plan to correct that. Coach Mary is strong on accountability and has helped me develop my leadership brand over the years.

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