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Giving Back - Mentor Coaching Class - Cohort 1


Giving Back - Mentor Coaching Class - Cohort 1

When I was younger, I had a passion for fashion and dreamed of living a good life. However, my classmates made me feel inadequate because of my dark skin and short hair. Comments like "you are dark like charcoal" greatly lowered my self-esteem. I began to doubt myself, feel sorry for myself, and engage in self-sabotage. I didn't love myself and my identity was based on how others perceived me. I felt rejected and had failed relationships, which made me feel even more inadequate. I was vulnerable to the wrong people as I craved validation. In 2022, I hit rock bottom. I was anxious and uncertain about my future and didn't know how to return to being that girl full of life. That's when I met Womba, who seemed to have it all figured out. She told me about the coaching sessions she was attending, and I became curious. I wanted to sign up for the mentor coaching sessions, and when she mentioned Coach Mary Kazilimani, I got excited because I knew her. I reached out to Coach Mary and signed up for classes. From that point on, my life took a different turn.

Coach Mary is a Wholistic coach who focuses on all areas of life during her coaching sessions. Since I started attending her sessions, my perspective on life has changed. I realized that I needed to heal from many things, and Coach Mary was my guide to where I wanted to be. Her thought-provoking questions about life made me sit in silence and listen to my inner voice. Initially, it was difficult to find time to meditate, reflect, and be silent, but during one of our mentor-coaching sessions, Coach Mary posed a thought-provoking question to one of us: "What is it that scares you in the silence?" This question lingered in my mind for days. Eventually, I realised why I had always been so afraid of being alone in silence. After practising stillness and mindfulness, I discovered the answers I had been searching for.

I was scared to confront the traumas that I had buried deep within my heart. Coach Mary suggested that we seek therapy, which I did. It has been two years now, and I will never forget this amazing lady ❤️ who helped me become who I am today. She coached me on how to boost my self-confidence, manage my finances, set realistic objectives, and achieve them - the list could go on and on. Today, I am hopeful. I can sit alone in a room and be at peace. I love myself like never before, and I can sit with my thoughts and ask myself why I am doing what I am doing in a particular season of my life, and at the same time, be kind to myself. My relationship with money has improved, and honestly, I am glowing. And yes, I am that girl I thought I was when I was ten years old😂, God's child, princess, and a soft-life queen👑. Thank you, Coach Mary, for changing many lives, including mine. I am grateful. Love, Amanda.

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