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Giving Back-MentorCoaching Support Group - Cohort 2

Giving Back-MentorCoaching Support Group - Cohort 2

The saying “I go wherever the wind takes me” perfectly describes my life before I met Coach Mary. I was existing through life instead of living. Each day was a strain, and some days were bleaker than others.

When I joined Coach Mary’ 's Mentor for Impact program, my life took a turn for the better. Through her help, I learnt to set SMART goals and develop routines that helped me to build balance in the different areas of my life, such as relationships, business, spirituality, and many others.

I learnt the importance of self-care from her famous saying, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” I learned that the different areas of my life could function effectively if I brought a whole person, not a broken one. My journey with coach Mary has been impactful, and I feel blessed to have met her when I was at rock bottom, for she showed me how to tread on this extraordinary journey called life. Thank you, Coach Mary, for bringing both heart and person to your coaching sessions.

A Mom & Events cook/baker.

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