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Stanbic Zambia- Emerge Women in Leadership Program Cohort 1

Constance Limwanya

Stanbic Zambia- Emerge Women in Leadership Program Cohort 1

The year 2021 was bittersweet for me. I had recently ended a toxic marriage and was still trying to figure out how I would raise my two daughters alone. However, the Bank came to my rescue when they enrolled me in the Emerge Women in Leadership Program C1 by Resolutions.

Desire led us during our training and impressed us with her selfless nature and immense love for children. She was so kind that I almost asked her to adopt me. We were also fortunate to meet an incredible woman named Judith Owembazi, who effortlessly shared her life lessons with us. She was like an Iron Lady, reminding us of our power and capabilities as women. Her inspiring words made me feel like I could fly.

"Coach Mary came with fire 🔥. This woman instantly became like a mother to me, and now I am a member of her family. Everything she shared was thought-provoking, and I enjoyed every bit of it. The humour was out of this world. Some sessions were rib-cracking, while others were emotional. I prayed for the whole program never to end because I cling to good things.".

"I began to see the light again! The lessons on self-awareness and self-care are always worth mentioning. My perception of life, in general, changed after I fully understood the Tree of Life metaphor. Every time I face an obstacle, the reassuring voices of my female mentors resound in my head, and I feel empowered to conquer the world."

I am unstoppable, and I will keep WINNING 🥇.

Thank you, resolutions... Thank you, mummy, for you have continued to hold my hand.

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